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What We Do

Innovating Bilingual Education 

We are guiding the way with evidence-based professional development, grounded in bilingual education best practices, and accessible to anyone, anywhere.

 Connecting You to the Bilingual Education Community

Uniting bilingual educators nationwide, we foster connections, share experiences, and amplify the collective expertise that drives student success.

Offering “Just-Right” Resources for the Bilingual Classroom

Finally a place to find teaching tools specifically designed for bilingual learners. Our unique resources combine equity-centered, inquiry-based, and language-focused practices to meet the needs of diverse learners

Learn With Us

Become an integral part of a vibrant community that learns together and laughs together. Our training programs are designed with your specific needs in mind, while providing a collaborative environment that fosters growth, support, and the exchange of innovative ideas in bilingual education. Together, we can accomplish so much more than we think possible. Join us!

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What Makes Us Different

We Have Fun

Our courses are thought-provoking, interactive, and engaging - goodbye, boring lectures and hello true engagement!

With Us, You Learn By Doing

Apply your new skills in your classroom and get meaningful and supportive feedback to continue growing.

We’ve Got Your Back

We are all former teachers who know what the profession entails. We get you, we see you, we are here to support you.

Flexibility Rules

An equitable learning experience is flexible by design. Do the work at your own pace, time and in the language of your choosing (English or Spanish).

The Four Superpowers of a Bilingual Educator

This free downloadable resource is designed to equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to get you started on your journey to become an exceptional bilingual educator.
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Robyn Pretlow
HR Director

“Teachers feel that they are learning a great deal, that the learning is immediately impactful in their classrooms and that they’re enjoying the experience!”

Alison Auerbach

“The structure, content and design of the Fellowship engages diverse educators, who are in different places in their careers.”

Carolina Mendoza
Fellowship Graduate

“You learn every day... I feel privileged to be part of this family.”

Paola Encarnación
Fellowship Graduate

“The Fellowship taught me to have empathy and patience.”

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